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Upgrade for SmartROC T35 and T40

SmartROC T35

Epiroc release new features and options for SmartROC T35 and T40 top-hammer drill rigs

EPIROC have released an upgrade for their SmartROC T35 and T40 surface drill rigs, strengthening the company’s offering within quarrying and construction. The update includes a number of new features and options, making these top-hammer models smarter and more sustainable and user-friendly than ever.

The new SmartROC T35 and T40 are now equipped with an enhanced engine rev/min control, with the new level of intelligence making the updated models up to 5% more fuel efficient, leading to lower costs and reduced environmental impact.


‘This product update will provide customers with many valuable features and options, enabling more uptime and, therefore, higher productivity,’ said Ulf Gyllander, global product manager at Epiroc. ‘With the operator in focus, we have made sure that these models offer valuable new technology that is easy to use.’

The new SmartROC T35 and T40 models offer many smart features, providing a range of enhanced automation and sustainable solutions that help achieve new levels of consistency and output.

Both models feature self-diagnostic capabilities, helping to keep downtime to a minimum. Another smart solution is the automated addition of drill rods. Moreover, once the hole is complete, the rods are extracted with significantly reduced input from the operator.

A new 15in touch screen with an intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) is now fitted as standard, providing quick and easy adjustment of drilling parameters. Both cameras, rear and support leg, are now integrated into the display, removing the need for an additional screen.

While using a SmartROC T35 or T40 rig, the operator can get live drilling logs during drilling, using the Measure While Drilling (MWD) option. The log file is exported to ROC Manager via Certiq, USB, or Wi-Fi, creating a report that can be analysed before making blasting decisions.

‘On top of all these new features, we also have numerous new options available for this update, such as a pressure-washer, extra lighting, and Measure While Drilling live – making it possible to log drilling parameters during drilling. It is no understatement to say that these drill rigs are better equipped than ever,’ said Mr Gyllander.

The SmartROC T35 and T40 models are also fitted with a new, 12% larger pulley wheel, which reduces wear on the feed cable due to reduced cable bend. As a result, the feed cable and the wheel will last longer, leading to reduced costs.

Altogether, this means less downtime for maintenance and higher productivity when compared with previous models. Uptime is also improved thanks to better placement of the feed sensors, which are now located in a more protected area with less risk of damage.


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