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Torsus set to shake up 4x4 commercial market

Torsus Terrastorm 4x4 minibus

Upcoming Torsus Terrastorm engineered to be the world’s most capable 4x4 minibus

TORSUS, manufacturers of the world’s toughest heavy-duty off-road buses, are set to cause a stir in the commercial vehicle sector with its latest model, the Terrastorm, due for release later this month.

The 4x4 Torsus Terrastorm, based on a Volkswagen Crafter/MAN TGE 4Motion chassis, features uprated heavy-duty off-road suspension and is powered by Euro VI engines and advanced drivetrains that will give it the ability to reach places that other vehicles will not be able to get to.

Offered in a variety of configurations, the Terrastorm is designed for people, businesses and organizations that need a dependable, rugged and highly capable vehicle. It is engineered to transport up to 21 passengers and cargo to and from some of the toughest work sites, such as mines and quarries, wherever and whenever it is needed – no matter the location.

Vakhtang Dzhukashvili, founder and chief executive officer of Torsus, said: ‘At Torsus, we are breaking new ground by designing, developing and manufacturing the world’s toughest off-road buses.

‘In the all-new Terrastorm, we signal our ambition to set new standards in the heavy-duty 4x4 minibus market across some of the toughest industries known to man. We built Torsus to be a trailblazer and redefine the way people think about commercial vehicles, and the Terrastorm is the next step on our journey to make this reality.’

The Torsus Terrastorm will be revealed in its entirety later this month, with sales starting during the third quarter of 2020.

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