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Tolerance rings from Wyko


"Wyko have introduced a solution for securing transmission shafts and bearings in machine applications where excessive vibration, misalignment and heat may occur."

"The company say that their new tolerance rings can also be used as a fail-safe device for controlling torque parameters in motor and drive-gear assemblies, providing engineers with a cheap alternative to bulky slip clutches."

"Tolerance rings have significant benefits when used in applications where excessive vibration may occur. The rings are manufactured from spring steel and can be used to fit any design of bearing or shaft interface. The spring steel provides the necessary force to hold a bearing in place, yet allows for variance in shaft alignment. The wave profile in the ring provides grip while allowing a calculated level of flexibility, preventing the degradation of components and bearing housings. The height, width and pitch of the ring waveforms, in addition to spring stiffness, can be modified to create an immovable joint or to allow slippage of mating components within predefined parameters."


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