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TMS launch new TPMS with cutting-edge features

TMS say technical enhancements have been added to all areas of the TPMS, including the hub, display, app, and sensors
TMS say technical enhancements have been added to all areas of the TPMS, including the hub, display, app, and sensors

New and enhanced tyre pressure monitoring system for off-road vehicles in extreme environments

TMS have launched a new tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) specifically aimed at industrial and off-the-road (OTR) vehicles.

The benefits of investing in TPMS technology for industrial and OTR vehicles is well documented, with huge cost, safety, and sustainability advantages for businesses. Technical advancements have been added to all areas of the TMS TPMS system, including the hub, display, app, and sensors.


The system will work on any vehicle of any size, up to 24 wheels. To guarantee the most resilient signal reception possible, the new TMS hub boasts four separate antennas, connected to four independent receiver channels. This ensures the tyre pressure data will always be received even in the most extreme environments.

Streamlined wiring in the TPMS simplifies installation, saving time and resources for fleet operators. The improved display has a larger screen whilst being more compact, so taking up less cab space and providing the driver with clear and quick tyre pressure checks on the new user-friendly touchscreen. The driver is immediately warned of any tyre running outside of its defined parameters. All the tyre data is stored in the central hub for subsequent analysis and is made available via the API for connection to third party software platforms.

Launched alongside the TPMS is the revolutionary progressive web app, which allows users to access all system settings and tyre data from their smartphone, tablet or Windows PC. The app is used to both configure the TPMS system and to store and analyse tyre pressure and temperature data from a single vehicle to a whole fleet.

The app also includes sophisticated summarizing and visualizing techniques to allow users to quickly highlight issues with tyre pressure and/or temperature. Custom reports can easily be created to summarize tyre issues. The app can even operate without Internet connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring even in remote locations, whilst security is handled by well-protected browsers.

TMS say that with its unparalleled features, the system will set new industry standards for tyre pressure monitoring systems on OTR vehicles.


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