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The Stress Summit 2017

Queen Elizabeth II Centre

Improving worker health, well-being and business performance through a preventative approach to stress

THE Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is organizing a conference about work-related stress and its management standards approach to tackling the problem. In 2015/16 stress, anxiety and depression are said to have resulted in 11.7 million working days lost at an estimated social and economic cost of £5.2 billion.

The Stress Summit, which will take place on Thursday 16 March 2017 at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, in Westminster, London, will feature Professor Sir Cary Cooper and other guest speakers talking about the importance of properly managing work-related stress to protect both employees and ‘the bottom line’.

Among the benefits of attending, delegates will: hear from keynote speakers, including the winner of the 2015 EU-OSHA campaign Good Practice Award, talking about how their organization tackled workplace stress; take away expert advice, knowledge and experience from internationally renowned experts; find out where to get help and support; and gain an understanding of how to integrate an organizational, preventative approach to tackling work-related stress within your current business strategy.

Attendance at the conference will benefit key organizational decision-makers, including: senior health and safety practitioners, occupational health practitioners, HR professionals, senior managers and leaders, operations managers.

For more information or to register interest in attending, visit:; email: [email protected]; or call: (01298) 218806.

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