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TBS launch new mobile loading hopper

Total Batching Solutions mobile loading hopper

Eliminates need for and cost of building loading ramps in mobile concrete batching plant operations

AS part of their Ultra Mobile range, Total Batching Solutions (TBS) have launched a new mobile loading hopper that has been designed to feed aggregates safely and efficiently into the storage bins of a mobile concrete batching plant.

Designed to eliminate the need to build and maintain loading ramps each time a new project site requires a mobile batching plant, the unit features a range of slewing chutes and conveyors which allows the hopper to accurately feed up to five 30-tonne capacity aggregate storage bins from the safety of a wheel loader cabin.

Fully road mobile, the loading hopper can be easily moved from site to site and set-up in just 30 minutes. Fed from ground level, the hopper significantly improves cycle times and site safety, with no driving up or reversing down ramps required.

For projects on small sites, the mobile loading hopper, combined with a TBS Ultra Mobile concrete batching plant and silos, is said to offer one of the smallest mobile footprints in the industry at just 24m by 15m.

The full TBS plant can be set-up in just 180 minutes and is capable of producing up to 130 cubic metres per hour of concrete the day after arriving on a site. TBS say this allows building materials and construction companies to compete across a wide range of sites and projects from 5,000 cubic metres to 100,000 cubic metres.

Patrick Burns, managing director of Total Batching Solutions, commented: ‘The TBS mobile loading hopper was created to enhance on-site safety and reduce carbon emissions on construction projects, but to do so in a cost-effective way.

‘We believe the TBS mobile loading hopper offers a more sustainable, safer and cost-effective alternative to using loading ramps in mobile concrete production today.’

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