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Tarmac develop bespoke concrete solutions

Tarmac develop bespoke concrete solutions

Company develops two adapted concrete mixes in response to new guidance from the NHBC

TARMAC have developed two bespoke concrete solutions to help housebuilders comply with new technical guidance issued by the National House Building Council (NHBC). The company has created its own online guidance page, which includes further advice on the NHBC website.

The guidance, which came into force on 1 January 2018, relates to toppings for suspended beam and block concrete floors in new housing. It states that micro-synthetic fibres should no longer be used as reinforcement when a concrete topping is needed to act as a structural screed.

In response to these changes, Tarmac have carried out a series of tests to measure the performance of self-compacting concrete with secondary reinforcement in the structural toppings.

In partnership with a leading flooring system supplier and by collaborating with BBA-certified fibre suppliers, the company has developed two robust and innovative concrete solutions that sit within the Topflow and Topforce range.

Glanville Norman, product support manager at Tarmac, said: ‘We’d encourage everyone to get up to speed with the new NHBC guidance and our guidance document available on will make this a little easier.

‘Our adapted Topflow and Topforce mixes can now be ordered direct from our readymix plants, and customers can have the confidence that Tarmac’s latest offering is fully compliant with new regulations.’

Tarmac have also been working with industry partners and key stakeholder groups to help improve understanding of the new guidelines. As part of this, the company has contributed to a new approvals guide from the British Precast Flooring Federation that offers practical advice on complying with new NHBC best practice guidance.

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