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System One undercarriage seals deal for Finning

L. Lynch take delivery of two Cat D6N LGP dozers

Plant-hire company L. Lynch have recently taken delivery of two Cat D6N LGP dozers, complete with rippers, from Caterpillar dealers Finning, highlighting reduced operational costs, due to the longer lifespan of the SystemOne undercarriage, as the main deal clincher.

Having only ever previously invested in one other piece of Caterpillar equipment, a TH580B telehandler in 2009, also sourced from Finning, the business has now tripled its Caterpillar fleet.

Merrill Lynch, director of L. Lynch Plant Hire, commented: ‘Having experienced the service from Finning and seen the performance of the Cat TH580B, we were very pleased with our choice to become a Finning Caterpillar customer. So when we required two new dozers, we invited Finning to advise us on the equipment they would be able to provide.

‘Having had problems with the undercarriages of our dozers in the past, we were wary about this particular issue. When Finning explained the difference between the competitors, and their longer life SystemOne undercarriage, we recognized the potential savings that could be made by investing in the Cat D6N LGP units.

L. Lynch have also subscribed to Finning’s full Preventative Maintenance package, to add to the benefits of reduced operating costs through owning the two new Cat D6N LGP dozers.

The Cat D6N LGP has a range of features that Finning say set it apart from competitor equipment, such as improved steering and increased grading performance due to the Accugrade grade-control system, but what most attracted L. Lynch to the Cat D6N LGP was the SystemOne Undercarriage.

Undercarriage systems on track-type tractors and tracked loaders can represent up to 50% of the machines repair and maintenance costs. A SystemOne undercarriage system can increase wear life up to 50% compared to standard undercarriage systems, providing valuable savings to customers who are hiring equipment out.

In addition, interventions such as pin and bush turns are no longer required as the bushing rotates to minimize wear. This also minimizes wear on the sprockets and the redesigned centre tread idlers which can last two track systems, while the parallel-link design increases track strength.


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