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Swedish company invest in telescopic conveyors

Rimbo Jord have purchased two mobile telescopic stockpiling conveyors from Telestack International Ltd. Situated 50km north of Stockholm, the company operates four quarries producing a range of aggregates for the local construction market.

Over the past year they have made a considerable investment in new plant and equipment to ensure that they are well placed to service the booming construction sector, a positive sign of the current economic recovery under way in Sweden.

Due to the high cost of diesel in Sweden, Rimbo Jord decided to invest in a new static plant operation. This included the purchase of two electric-hydraulic-powered TS-542 telescopic conveyors. One of the units is being used to automatically stockpile 0–16mm, 0–30mm and 0–65mm aggregates into three individual segments through a 180° radial arc. The second unit is stockpiling screened 8–16mm and 16–32mm aggregate via radio remote control.

The two units have allowed Rimbo Jord to make substantial cost savings over their previous method of creating larger stockpiles using a wheel loader. Håken Holmgren, general manager, commented: ‘I used to employ an operator and wheel loader full time to move stockpiles from A to B. This was not adding value to the operation and our running costs per hour turned out to be much higher when we looked at our diesel, labour, servicing and wear costs and compared them with the telescopic conveyors. The TS-542 units require no labour or diesel and involve minimal service and wear.

‘Essentially we wanted to minimize risk, determining that less things can go wrong with a conveyor compared with a wheel loader. With the introduction of telescopic conveyors our operating costs per tonne have gone down and we no longer have to worry about drivers being sick or absent. A further benefit for us is that segregation and contamination of our roadbase material is no longer a problem and our customers are pleased to receive a quality product.’

Rimbo Jord are considering using a telescopic conveyor to load aggregates on to barges for onward distribution via the inland waterways of Sweden, which they believe is a more cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to traditional truck haulage.

Telestack International Ltd, Bankmore Way East, Omagh, Co. Tyrone BT79 0NZ; tel: (028) 8225 1100; fax: (028) 8225 2211.

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