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Siltbuster showcase new products at Doppstadt Expo

Among the key exhibits was the worldwide launch of the company’s WT-250 mobile waste-processing plant  

SILTBUSTER have launched their range of Gritbuster recycling machines and water treatment technologies on the worldwide stage at a special event organized by materials recycling specialists Doppstadt. The show – which took place at Doppstadt’s manufacturing facility in Calbe, Germany – marked the host’s 50th anniversary and provided the ideal platform to introduce a new range of products, including Siltbuster machines, to its international distributor network and key clients from around the world.

Among the key recycling systems on show was Doppstadt’s latest water-based separation technologies, which use Siltbuster’s water-treatment systems to clean the wash water for reuse, helping to recover material to the highest possible quality. 


Company CEO, Ferdinand Doppstadt, said: ‘As most of these materials were originally processed using water-based separation techniques, it seems perfectly logical to use the same techniques to treat recycled materials, such as construction and demolition waste, to a similar standard. To achieve this we have introduced a new range of water-based separation machines and teamed up with Siltbuster to provide the water-treatment technology necessary to allow the process water to be cleaned for reuse.’  

In addition to exhibiting their water treatment technology, UK-based Siltbuster showcased and demonstrated one of their latest Gritbuster road sweepings recycling machines, the WT-250, together with the HDS hydraulic density separator unit, designed to separate materials by density.  

Commenting on the new product developments and the show, Dr Richard Coulton, CEO of Siltbuster, said: ‘We have been working towards this launch with Doppstadt for a number of years now and are honoured that they have chosen us to partner with them in this exciting opportunity. 

‘Both the water treatment systems and the Gritbuster separation technology were demonstrated to more than 5,000 potential customers from around the world. We were very pleased with the response we received and look forward to working with Doppstadt on new projects throughout Europe and beyond.’


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