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Shell continue to expand European bitumen business

Shell Bitumen in Europe

Dutch oil firm increases bitumen production capacities at two of its largest refineries in Europe

SHELL are continuing to invest in and grow their bitumen business in Europe while many smaller players are reducing their operations due to challenging market conditions. Shell Bitumen say they have bucked the trend by improving supply availabilities across the continent, primarily through two of the company’s largest refineries: Rheinland in Germany; and Pernis in the Netherlands.

‘We are committed to supplying bitumen for the long term and are constantly looking to expand our business footprint, where the right opportunities arise,’ said Thomas Moons, general manager for Shell Bitumen, Europe and Africa.


‘Our strong network of bitumen refineries, depots and flexible logistics has allowed us to widen the reach of our business in recent years and the company is introducing new technologies and application practices to achieve more sustainable projects, as well as safer working conditions.’

Shell Bitumen have also increased their bitumen production capacities in Rheinland and Pernis, further strengthened by bitumen supplies from Shell joint-venture refineries, such as Eastham in the UK, Miro in Karlsruhe and PCK in Schwedt, Germany.

Shell supply products to customers by road, rail, barge and vessels via a strong network of bitumen facilities. Latest additions include new French depots in Nantes and Bayonne.

The company has also been optimizing its supply envelope to customers by adding ‘multimodal’ transport capabilities, for example, using bitutainers that can be easily transported via rail and road from its production facilities directly to customers across Europe and the South East region of the UK.  


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