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ScrapeTec release the PrimeTracker

PrimeTracker conveyor belt tracker

New belt tracker said to offer several advantages over conventional belt--tracking systems

NEW to the ScrapeTec range of conveyor components is the PrimeTracker belt tracker, which is designed to eliminate problems associated with conveyor belt systems, including misalignment, abrasion and belt damage. The system can be installed in front of every return pulley, above and below the belt.

‘For optimum performance of a conveyor system, it is critical that the belt always runs straight on the conveyor, without sideways movement,’ said Thorsten Koth, sales and distribution manager for ScrapeTec Trading GmbH.


‘Our new PrimeTracker belt tracker has been designed to automatically guide a conveyor belt back into the correct straight-line position, to prevent costly downtime and component replacement.

ScrapeTec say an advantage of the PrimeTracker is that it is operates in the idling position at all times, unless there is sideways movement of the belt. If this occurs, the system corrects misalignment immediately, by guiding the belt back into the correct position, with no damage or abrasion to the belt or tracker.

‘This is unlike conventional belt trackers that slide over the belt surface causing possible abrasion and belt damage – rather than adopting free rotation. Conventional belt trackers, with tapered edges, never idle and are always in a braking mode,’ said Mr Koth.

‘What’s also notable is the cylindrical shape and pivot bush that allow this belt tracker to swing and tilt during operation and to always be in full contact with the belt. Added to this, the ScrapeTec PrimeTracker has the same peripheral speed over the entire surface of the belt, whereas traditional crowned rollers have different speeds at the center and edges of the system.’

According to ScrapeTec, other advantages include easy installation, low maintenance requirements and protection of the belt edges and structure of the conveyor belt. A strong corrugated EPDM rubber hose protects the system from dust and sand, whilst the rubber pivot offers soft suspension of the tracker shaft, ensuring extended service life of the system.


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