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SANY seeking bigger share of global markets


Burgeoning growth in company’s international product lines sees 128 new machines released last year

IN 2021, aiming to tap into the wider global marketplace, Chinese construction machinery giant SANY launched 128 new products for international markets, representing 83% year-on-year growth.

Not limited to regular models, SANY’s product portfolio coverage in high-end markets in Europe and America is said to have reached 64%.


Across the globe, SANY say their 45m concrete pump truck filled a gap in the European market and their SY225C-10HD excavator generated many orders at bauma India, whilst their SR235MV drill rig is a strong newcomer in the North American market and their SAC600E wheeled crane is a bestselling model in Europe, America, Korea, and Australia.  

Apart from new products, last year SANY also lodged 179 international PCT patent applications.

The company says it ensures all available global resources, including talent, technologies, R&D, manufacturing facilities, and management, are mobilized to enrich product diversity and enhance competitiveness.

Launched in 2021, the company’s Global Co-ordinated Design Platform was said to be instrumental in realizing the joint development of the first-generation PS/SP dual-branded 45m concrete pump truck by SANY and Putzmeister. 

SANY say their R&D incorporates global intellectual resources, Kunshan Global R&D Center being one example, with all machinery divisions having their own research institutes.

R&D centres have also been established in North America, Europe, Japan, and India, where nearly 200 local experts work in areas of local law, customer research, and the localization of spare parts, allowing SANY to serve local markets better.

In China, the number of SANY R&D staff specialized in international products reached 864 in 2021, representing year-on-year growth of 89%. From amongst them, 150 are regularly dispatched around the world to gain real-time insights of market trends.

Manufacturing-wise, the company says it is planning to build more lighthouse factories in regions such as Europe and south-east Asia.

According to SANY, all their R&D and cultivation efforts led to a remarkable global performance in 2021, with sales growth of 50% year on year and sales doubled in more than 50 countries and regions.

While SANY excavators remain global bestsellers, concrete machinery, cranes, and drilling machinery enjoyed sales growth of 24%, 137% and 121% respectively.    

SANY say their internationalization efforts in the near future will revolve around the development of large equipment, Euro-American markets, and the compilation of product literature, all of which are seen as important elements to propel the company’s internationalization.


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