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Sandvik launch Ranger DXR series drill rigs

Rander DXR drill rig

Non-cabin surface top-hammer drill rigs designed for optimum productivity in difficult ground conditions

IN response to customer requests, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology have expanded their existing Ranger DX series of surface top-hammer drill rigs with two non-cabin Ranger DXR versions. Based on the reliable Ranger DX600 and DX800 models, the two new machines are the Ranger DX600R and DX800R (pictured) respectively.

Designed to reach places that are off limits to operators, they offer all the characteristics of conventional Ranger DX series drill rigs, including a large drilling coverage area from the standard 17.6 sq m (189 sq ft) to an optional 26.4 sq m (248 sq ft), but in a lighter and more mobile package.


Providing a superior solution for hazardous conditions where safe and productive drilling requires advanced radio remote-control capabilities, the non-cabin Ranger DXR drill rigs are particularly useful on unstable benches, where the operator can choose the best position in terms of safety and visibility. The remote-control panel also includes tramming control functionalities for fast hole-to-hole movements and precise hole spotting.

The revolving superstructure is said to offer unparalleled drilling coverage and superior stability, thanks to its innovative counterweight solution, and provides a solid foundation for drilling even on extreme terrain. In terms of productivity, the revolving superstructure, together with powerful rock drills and Rock Pilot+ drilling control system, allows the Ranger DXR to drill up to 60% more holes per set-up compared with conventional top-hammer drill rigs.

Ranger DXR series rigs are designed to drill 64mm to 127mm (2½in to 5in) hole sizes, with drill rod sizes between 38mm and 51mm (1½in and 2in). The machines’ standard configuration can be further boosted with more than 30 useful options, such as extended superstructure turning radius, advanced measurement systems and upgraded dust control.

Also, for quarry operators working close to residential/urban areas where strict noise limits may apply, an optional, ruggedly designed noise guard cover offers a total noise reduction of more than 10dB.


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