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Ronez granite used for hand-crafted jewellery

Ronez granite used for hand-crafted jewellery

Jersey Silver still have designs on the island’s pink and black granite five years on

AGGREGATE Industries’ Channel Islands business Ronez and local jewellery firm Jersey Silver are celebrating five years of collaboration, which has seen the successful growth of the jewellery brand’s hand-crafted sterling silver jewellery set with granite from the island’s quarry.

The granite jewellery is by far Jersey Silver’s most popular collection, and Paul Pinel, sales manager for Ronez, is delighted that the partnership continues to flourish: ‘The relationship between Ronez and Jersey Silver showcases the materials we quarry in a very different way,’ he said.

‘Seeing how Julia and her team cut and polish the pink and black granite, and then set it into their fantastic designs is really special – and a wonderful tribute to how two very different island businesses can work together.’

Ronez periodically welcome the Jersey Silver team on site at St John’s Quarry to hand-select raw granite for sculpting into a variety of gifts and cufflinks, alongside the increasingly popular jewellery designs.

Julia Williams, director of Jersey Silver, who began the granite collection with builder’s surplus from her grandmother’s house, commented: ‘Our relationship with Ronez is invaluable for the creation of our granite collection, and whilst Jersey granite is easy to stumble upon on our island, the formation of this partnership has brought us so much more than the stone itself.

‘The Ronez team are relentlessly knowledgeable about the materials they produce, which has assisted us in our selection and crafting processes.

‘It was clear right from the off that our companies, however different in size and sector, shared the same values and attitude to growing business on Jersey – this for us, is represented in every piece of granite jewellery we make.’

Mr Pinel concluded: ‘As a true part of the island’s foundations, we are delighted that Jersey Silver have decided to continue with their use of our granite, to enable locals and visitors alike to enjoy the unsung natural beauty of what we produce.’

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