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Rhodar opt for Hyundai flagship excavators

Hyundai HX480AL excavator in operation
Hyundai HX480AL excavator in operation

Leeds-based demolition firm delivers regeneration using HX480AL and HX330AL machines

DEMOLITION specialists Rhodar are growing at a rapid pace, having secured a number of significant new contracts across the UK in recent months. These wins, spanning the company’s core demolition, remediation, and asbestos removal services, include a £6 million regeneration project in Leeds. 

Such a strong and positive growth trajectory meant that the business needed to make a sizeable investment in additional new equipment, with the capability to efficiently and reliably deliver on the major Leeds redevelopment. After much research and operator test feedback, there was one brand that inspired confidence and convinced Rhodar to seal the deal – Hyundai.


Rhodar have taken delivery of two of Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe’s flagship A-series crawler excavators – the HX480AL and HX330AL – as well as a host of attachments from hydraulic breakers to munchers and buckets, to lead the way on the West Yorkshire contractor’s larger earthworks and brownfield regeneration projects.

The HX480AL and HX330AL machines are powered by Cummins Stage V diesel engines and comply with the European emission standards. New smart features include IPC (intelligent power control) and EPIC (electric pump independent control), enhanced cabin visibility, eco gauge and lifting mode, which all ensure superior productivity and efficiency.

‘We’ve been really impressed with the Hyundais so far. The HX330AL is a great all-rounder and a good workhorse – it’s loading wagons, breaking out and generally shifting a lot of earth round the clock,’ said John Davies, remediation director at Rhodar. 

‘The HX480AL brings the power – it’s got the bigger bucket and is moving larger volumes, and it has a lot of force for its size. Both machines are easy to use, the controls are simple and they’re surprisingly dextrous. 

‘With a well-known brand like Hyundai, along with the testing we undertook, we were confident that we knew what we were getting and we’re very pleased with how the machines are running. Making the investment was the right decision and we can’t fault Hyundai or the fantastic support we’ve received from Taylor and Braithwaite – they have done a great job.’

Rhodar have developed a growing reputation for excellence in tackling complex earthworks projects, from breaking out obstructions in the ground and remediating contaminated soil, to regenerating brownfield land to make it suitable for future development. 

At £6 million, the new Leeds regeneration project is a significant scheme and proved to be the catalyst for the company to make its next major investment in key plant and equipment. The new Hyundai HX430AL and HX330AL will no doubt stand Rhodar in good stead through their next phase of growth.  


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