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Revamped branding for Aggregate Industries

Aggregate Industries branding

The Marketing Creative develop vibrant and distinctive new branding to bring to life company’s proposition

THE Market Creative have undertaken a brand revamp for Aggregate Industries. A new colour palette, tone of voice and creative brand asset have been developed to bring to life the company’s brand proposition – ‘at the heart of construction’.

Vibrant hues such as yellows, reds and purples have been introduced to the blue, green and grey palette to add warmth and help differentiate the brand from competitors. The colours can be applied to the new pyramid-shaped visual asset, which features people imagery.

The warmer more personable look and feel will be reflected in the tone of voice, which seeks to be straightforward, open, confident, responsive and collaborative.

The Market Creative have produced a set of brand guidelines to ensure that the new branding is applied consistently across all marketing communication materials.

Sue Benson, managing director of The Market Creative, said: ‘We’ve created a vibrant and distinctive brand, which will help Aggregate Industries compete in what is a particularly crowded market. The focus on people and personality will help create more emotional and memorable connections with the brand.’

Mark Collier, director of marketing at Aggregate Industries, said: ‘Our people are the beating heart of our business. They are what make us different and the right partner for construction projects. Their skills and talent are enabling us to deliver the sustainable future that we’re trying to achieve.

‘It was important that this ethos was creatively expressed in the new branding and we’re delighted with the result.’

Aggregate Industries appointed The Marketing Creative as their lead agency for creative design services in 2017.

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