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Red Stag offer solution to pothole backlog

EZ Street

New company formation heralds smoother running of infrastructure maintenance

INDUSTRY specialists from across the asphalt sector have come together to form a new company, with the goal of supplying more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives for maintaining roads and repairing potholes.

Red Stag Materials comprise a series of individuals with more than 90 years’ experience in the UK infrastructure and highway maintenance sector, who hope to offer a solution to the pothole backlog in Britain, which amounts more than £11 billion and could take 11 years to repair, according to the Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance Survey (ALARM).


Keeping roads in workable condition is a vital but often overlooked contributor to the state of the nation’s economy. With that in mind, Red Stag are hoping that their latest product will aid local councils in maintaining both their roads and their budget balance.

EZ Street is a special cold asphalt solution that Red Stag Materials have acquired the exclusive UK rights to distribute. Offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional means of pothole repair, EZ Street requires no heavy plant to install, and can be bulk-bought and stored for up to 12 months.

Additionally, EZ Street is said to be significantly faster to install and Red Stag Materials have brought the product to the UK confident that it will translate to significant savings in man hours for local councils that use the product.

As Red Stag begins to roll out EZ Street across the UK, they also have begun actively creating and looking to expand their network of distributors to assist in making EZ Street available to everyone who may require it.

Grant Shewan, managing director of Red Stag Materials, commented: ‘Red Stag were founded in 2018 after my fellow directors and I noticed a significant lack of high-quality alternatives to traditional road repair products.

‘We wanted to provide something that offers a higher-quality and less-expensive alternative, but crucially, one that’s also greener and more sustainable as well.

‘We secured the exclusive UK rights to EZ Street, which gives us the tremendous opportunity to offer local authorities as well as private companies an efficient alternative to traditional hot asphalt materials.

‘Despite the product being new to the UK, it has a tried and trusted history in America, Canada and Australia, where it has become a staple product in both the private and public sector.

‘EZ Street is unique in that it substitutes the diesel found in many cold asphalt solutions, with biofuel, making it more sustainable and less fossil fuel reliant.

‘Red Stag Materials are confident that our products and methodology will be similarly embraced in the UK and are excited to work with local authorities to help them get the best results out of our products and our experience.’

Due to how easy it is to store and stockpile EZ Street, Red Stag Materials have been able to assist local governments across the UK during the COVID-19 lockdown, supplying more than 200 tonnes of EZ Street asphalt across the UK to meet the needs of councils and local authorities.

Red Stag are also now distributing EZ Street overseas to as far as the Middle East.


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