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Recycling report identifies 400 producers

ACCORDING to a new report by BDS Marketing & Research Ltd, there are now thought to be 397 companies in Great Britain operating 539 static aggregates recycling plants, over half of which are less than 10 years old. Nearly 40 plants have started in the last six months or are planned to start this year.

The South East is now the main market for recycled aggregates with some 100 companies operating a total of 144 plants in this region alone. And while all the leading primary aggregates companies now operate aggregates recycling plants, BDS Marketing say the industry is still dominated by independent businesses with a small number of plants. Typically these smaller companies are also involved in one or more other sectors such as demolition, skip hire, plant hire or waste management.

BDS Marketing also estimate that static plants now recycle around 33 million tonnes of aggregates a year, a figure that is expected to increase further once the plants currently being built become established. By adding in the volumes recycled at mobile plants, the total amount of recycled aggregates in Great Britain rises to around 60 million tonnes, compared with total primary aggregates production of just over 200 million tonnes a year.


"Available in total or individual regions, the report, ‘Aggregates recycling plants in Great Britain’, includes the name, address and telephone number of each company, an estimate of the amount of aggregates recycled at each plant, the number of years in recycling, and details of other activities of each company. To obtain a copy contact:"



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