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Raymond Brown to produce FoamMaster

RBMR join forces with Tarmac to produce environmentally friendly cold-mix asphalt product

RAYMOND Brown Minerals & Recycling (RBMR) have joined forces with Tarmac to produce their cutting-edge FoamMaster material for use in road construction.

RBMR’s flagship facility near Andover in Hampshire, which processes more than 65,000 tonnes of construction and commercial waste every year, is now home to Tarmac’s unique production of FoamMaster.

Made from 95% recycled content, FoamMaster is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional hot asphalt products used on roads. Reusing road planings and being a cold-mix process with bitumen emulsion makes it a highly sustainable option. The ability to store the product for up to 14 days is also an advantage.

RBMR are hoping to develop the product further to include incinerator bottom ash aggregate (IBAA) produced at another of their recycling operations. If successful, FoamMaster could prove a significant new outlet for IBAA.

RBMR’s environmental and development director, Steve Cole, said: ‘This is an exciting opportunity for both companies. As Tarmac look to make FoamMaster as sustainable as possible, there is an exciting potential to include IBAA in the mix. The partnership means both businesses are able to drive up recycling rates even further.’

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