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Rapid replacement part for Finnish quarry

Karri Mäenpää

Hitachi Remanufactured component reduces downtime for crushing contractors Kone-Kostamo Oy

ONE of the leading rock-crushing contractors in Finland has taken advantage of the Hitachi Remanufactured components programme for the replacement of a key component on their ZX470LCH-5 excavator.

Kone-Kostamo Oy only operate one brand of excavator, as they prefer to maintain and service their own fleet of construction machinery, and view the compatibility of parts between the different models as an important factor.


Neverthless, the Salo-based company has an excellent working relationship with Finnish Hitachi dealers Rotator Oy and benefits from the supply of genuine Hitachi parts and any specialist technical information required for its fleet of seven Hitachi excavators that service the needs of its customers’ quarries.

The excavators are given a major refurbishment every 10,000 hours. When a main pump was needed for the ZX470LCH-5, Kone-Kostamo’s workshop manager asked Rotator for a quotation. This included the favoured option of a Hitachi Remanufactured component, which was in stock and only took two days to supply and fit to the machine.

‘We didn’t have any spare pumps for this model, so buying the Remanufactured part from the Hitachi dealer was faster than refurbing the part ourselves,’ says Kone-Kostamo’s foreman, Karri Mäenpää (pictured). ‘This meant that we saved ourselves up to three weeks of downtime, which is vital when you need the machine every day to load the crusher.

‘We work well with Rotator and this is a good example of how happy we are with their solutions. It was an easy process: they collected the original ‘core’ component, which needs to be sent off and renewed by Hitachi, at the same time as delivering the Remanufactured pump.

‘We would choose to buy a Hitachi Remanufactured part again, especially as it is environmentally friendly, in that we’re helping to extend the life of the part. The peace of mind that comes with having a one-year warranty for the pump is also a bonus. In addition, it was supplied at a good price and the machine was working again with minimal delay.’

As a contractor working for Kiertomaa Oy – owners of Saramäki Quarry, near Turku, in south-west Finland – Kone-Kostamo’s large Hitachi excavator must retain high levels of availability and productivity, highlighting the importance of getting the machine back to work as quickly as possible.

‘The situation here is typical of the Finnish market,’ added Mr Mäenpää. ‘Kiertomaa can be flexible, and don’t have to worry about owning and maintaining the machinery. It’s easier for them to concentrate on selling and delivering the materials to road construction sites and asphalt plants.

Kone-Kostamo were founded in 1956. After entering this sector of the aggregates industry in 1964, they are now one of the most experienced rock-crushing contractors in Finland, employing up to 45 personnel, depending on the season.


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