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Precise real-time oil condition monitoring

Tan Delta Systems Ltd launch world’s most accurate and robust real-time oil condition monitoring solution

THE ability to accurately monitor real-time oil condition while equipment is in normal operation can significantly reduce operating costs.

Sheffield-based Tan Delta Systems Ltd, specialists in liquid condition monitoring systems, say their Tan Delta sensors use state-of-the-art patented technology to deliver unparalleled real-time oil condition monitoring accuracy, giving plant operators total visibility and control.

Using a combination of hardware and software to constantly and precisely measure the condition of the oil in real time, the Tan Delta OQS Series 2 sensor constantly detects and monitors moisture, oxidization, contamination, acid build-up, wear particles, additive breakdown and many other elements, providing the plant operator with a clear and accurate view of oil condition at any given moment of time, including rate of change data.

According to Tan Delta Systems, extensive evaluation and tests have demonstrated that that their core technology results in condition monitoring that is up to 60 times more accurate than any other sensor.

The Tan Delta sensor presents this detailed information in a number of standard formats, such as 4–20mA, CANBUS and RS232/RS485, allowing easy interfacing with existing equipment monitoring systems. Alternatively, results can be instantly displayed on the various Tan Delta standalone and PC display systems, such as the Tan Delta OQD.

Furthermore, Tan Delta products are engineered, tested, certified and proven to operate reliably in the harshest environments, allowing the equipment to be permanently installed within any lubrication system, on any type of machinery and in any type of oil, ranging from the largest gearboxes in heavy earthmoving equipment to high-pressure hydraulic systems or more specialist applications such as diesel gas engines.

Tan Delta Systems say multiple test cases and studies have proven the significant cost benefits associated with being able to accurately monitor oil condition. Breakdowns and equipment failures can reduced significantly, and service intervals scheduled according to need rather than arbitrary time intervals.

‘Until now, sensors could only give a very rough indication of oil condition,’ explained Chris Greenwood, managing director of Tan Delta Systems Ltd. ‘With our state-of-the-art technology, the exact condition of the oil is known at all times, so plant operators know when to conduct a service, thereby saving many thousands of pounds in lost operating time and unnecessary servicing costs, not to mention the environmental benefits.’

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