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Plant Supplies Ltd introduce the Sprider

Sprider asphalt application system

New device converts standard tipper truck into asphalt/aggregates application system in minutes

PLANT Supplies Ltd have recently launched the Sprider asphalt application system, which converts an ordinary tipper truck into a complete asphalt/aggregate application system in just 15 minutes.

The Sprider M25, which is capable of work rates of up to 30 tonnes/h, can achieve significant cost savings on hand-laying work, paver loading and difficult-to-access application sites. The system offers even and consistent distribution and placement of asphalt and up to a 50% reduction in the laying crew required.

According to Plant Supplies Ltd, the Sprider system is faster than a paver or traditional hand laying on irregular or restricted access work sites, allows faster set-up of the application at the job site with no wastage of material, and achieves faster, more accurate loading of pavers than traditional methods.

The Sprider hotbox body can hold asphalt at 140 degrees Celsius for more than 12 hours at zero degrees Celsius ambient, allowing asphalt presented in excellent thermal condition many hours after production. A new twin hotbox allows basecourse and topping/wearing course to be carried in the same truck and applied separately through the Sprider.

The Sprider M25 is available in two models: the M25S features a 4.6m or 5.0m arm, providing a 40 or 48 square metre working area, respectively, while the M25E is available with a 4.3m or a 4.6m arm, giving a 32 or 40 square metre working area.

The system allows for the application of asphalt up to 5m from the roadside at a 30-degree incline (up or down) and can also be used for laying aggregates and trench reinstatement. The Sprider’s movements are precision controlled by a specially designed remote-control unit. This unit can also be used to control the truck from outside, if the vehicle is equipped with ReCoDrive.

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