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Online blast design training

Online blast design training

New online course – Mechanics of Rock Breakage – now open at Academy Blasting 

MANY blasters, engineers, and supervisors will have faced the problem of poor blasting, whether in in terms of vibration, fragmentation or wall control. In the past, these individuals had to really solely on experience, rules of thumb past down from older supervisors, or by paying for a technical service team or consultant to come to site.

Today, however, such individuals can quickly learn for themselves the proper design approach from an engineering perspective, without having to leave work and travel. With the release of, quarry workers, supervisors and engineers now have the power and ability to make critical decisions on blasting from a technical standpoint.

Containing interactive, practical courses that can help improve their knowledge and expand their careers, Academy Blasting represents the newest resource in blasting, drilling and quarrying/mining training. 

The first of these online courses – Mechanics of Rock Breakage – is now open at and covers topics such as:

  • Proper explosive selection for optimal blasting
  • Design of production blast variables such as burden, spacing and stemming
  • Timing design for complete blast control
  • Fragmentation control and optimization
  • Vibration control from blasting modifications
  • Air overpressure and noise control.

Mechanics of Rock Breakage is taught by Dr Calvin J. Konya, who was been president of and principal consultant for Precision Blasting Services for the last 50 years. Dr Konya has worked on every continent designing blasts for thousands of mines, quarries and construction projects.

This course consists of 24 lessons, each of which varies from 10–30 minutes for easy viewing and intense learning. Following each lesson, a short quiz is given to ensure full understanding of the material and provide the ability to gain hours towards professional licenses. For further information about the courses, certification or hours for licenses, contact [email protected].

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