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Nynas UK to end partnership with Navigator Terminals


Plans for UK bitumen business will involve significant investment in Nynas’ own assets

NYNAS UK have announced that they will be ending the partnership with Navigator Terminals at their Teesside depot when the existing contract runs out in December 2022 and will instead focus on substantial investment in their own UK assets.

Jane Dunne, Nynas Bitumen’s UK sales director, explained: ‘Whilst we have had many successful years of operation from the terminal, we have concluded that the configuration of the depot no longer meets our business needs. We will instead focus on a significant investment programme at our existing assets in the UK.’


Nynas Bitumen vice-president Rafael Renaudeau added: ‘In conjunction with our recently implemented shift to a pan-European approach for our bitumen business, we are pleased to be able to invest substantially in our own assets to ensure a strong and stable future for our business in the UK.’


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