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Norwegian demand for Doosan ADTs

Doosan DA40 ADT

Doosan Bobcat supply 10 new DA40 articulated dumptrucks to Haehre Entreprenor AS

HAEHRE Entreprenor, one of the largest contractors in Norway, have purchased 10 new Doosan DA40 articulated dumptrucks (ADTs) from Doosan Bobcat AS, a subsidiary of Askim-based Rosendal Maskin, the Doosan/Bobcat dealers for Norway.

The Stage IV-compliant DA40 ADTs will be replacing five Doosan MT41 dumptrucks, each of which has provided between 12,000 and 15,000h of continuous hauling work on Haehre projects across the country. The latest order follows on from the purchase of eight Doosan DA40 ADTs in 2013, all of which have delivered exceptional performance for the contractor in the last three years.


Lars Haehre, managing director of Haehre Entreprenor, commented: ‘The high productivity of the DA40 ADTs we previously purchased has been very pleasing and was obviously a key factor in the decision to buy more DA40 machines from Doosan Bobcat AS. The existing DA40s have provided excellent reliability and fuel efficiency in operation, with a design that ensures that all six wheels are always in contact with the ground for superior stability, traction and ground clearance on the uneven terrain we work on in Norway.’

Roy Haaker, product line director for the Doosan ADT and wheel loader ranges in Europe, added: ‘We are delighted with the new order for 10 DA40s, which reflects the confidence shown by the customer in the Doosan ADT range. Haehre have purchased more than 80 ADTs from Moxy and Doosan since the company was formed in 1974.

‘With so much experience in the market, Haehre has developed its own specifications for ADTs, which the new machines will meet with tailor-made features such as LED lights, a reinforced body, protected driveline, full winter package and modified tailgates.’

As with all Doosan ADTs, the DA40 model features an articulation hinge positioned behind the turning ring to provide equal weight distribution to the front axle even during maximum steer articulation. This, together with a free-swinging rear tandem bogie, delivers permanent six-wheel contact and drive for equal power distribution and high performance on difficult terrain.

The DA40 is powered by a Scania DC13 diesel engine with a gross power output of 368kW (493hp). It is said to provide ‘best-in-class’ fuel consumption thanks to a combination of features, including selective catalytic reduction, exhaust gas recirculation and a ZF EP transmission that improves the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels for excellent traction.

According to Doosan, when this is coupled with the enhanced rear differential system – which reduces engine rev/min and further increases machine durability – customers can achieve reduced cost-per-tonne with their DA40 ADTs.

Specifically designed by ZF for use on ADTs, the ZF EP countershaft transmission (with automatic retarder) provides eight forward speeds, delivering a top speed of 55 km/h, and four reverse speeds. With smaller, equal gear steps between gears and a higher overall gear spread, the transmission works optimally with the engine for better fuel efficiency.

The Doosan DA40 ADT has an increased body capacity of 24.4 cubic metres, and the payload has been boosted to 40 tonnes without tailgate, an increase of more than 15% over the payload of Doosan’s previous MT41 model.


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