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Nooteboom MCOS unit for KWS Infra

MCOS semi-low-loader

Latest-generation MCOS semi-low-loader makes switching to hydraulic steering easier

ACCORDING to specialist trailer manufacturers Nooteboom, their latest-generation MCOS semi-low-loaders with hydraulic steering are the optimal solution for fast, cost-effective and safe transport of medium-weight machinery (up to 47 tonnes).

Until recently the switch from self-steering axles to hydraulic steering required considerable investment, but within their SMART programme Nooteboom say they have made this a much more attractive proposition.

According to the company, since the successful introduction of their MCOS semi-low-loaders, the market share for this vehicle has increased significantly and interest is still growing.

The MCOS programme comprises three- and four-axle hydraulically steered semi-low-loaders, with either a fixed or extendable load floor. Within the programme there are various versions to meet the requirements of specific sectors.

For example, KWS Infra, part of Royal VolkerWessels Stevin, have recently put into operation their first four-axle MCOS-58-04(EB) hydraulically steered semi low-loader, specifically constructed for the transport of road-building machinery (see photo).

On this particular unit the load floor has been specially strengthened for transporting machines that constitute a highly concentrated load, such as road planers. Nooteboom also upgraded the hydraulic steering to achieve an even larger (45°) steering angle without using a steering quickener.

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