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NIAflow software helps optimize quarry operations


Haver & Boecker Niagara offer plant simulation software to help optimize quarry operations

HAVER & Boecker Niagara say their NIAflow plant simulation software can help producers optimize their quarry and mine operations by instantly analysing existing or proposed processes, recording plant statuses and recognizing potential for plant optimization. It then supports the user in every engineering phase, from drafting flow diagrams for product pre-calculation to plant start-up and simulating parameter changes.

The software, which is available for download on Windows-based systems, features intuitive menu control that makes it easy for all levels of experience, although Haver & Boecker Niagara can provide several levels of group, company or even individual training, if needed.


‘As part of our ongoing efforts to optimize plant efficiency for our customers, we are constantly developing innovative machines, programs and software to help them be successful,’ said Karen Thompson, president of Haver & Boecker Niagara’s Canadian facility.

‘NIAflow will serve as a cornerstone in the development of process engineering projects. When paired with other Haver & Boecker technology, such as Pulse vibration analysis software, our customers will hold all of the tools they need to optimize process flow and increase productivity and profits.’

NIAflow allows users to analyze more than 90 different process equipment pieces, from crushers and vibrating screens to material washers and conveyors. Beyond equipment, the system uses scientific-based methods to monitor the operation’s input, output and waste piles.

The program calculates the mass and volumetric flow rates as well as the valuable content with machine-specific operating parameters to prevent plant bottlenecks before equipment is in place.

‘NIAflow will significantly impact the efficiency and profitability of our mineral processing customers,’ said Joachim Hoppe, Haver & Boecker Niagara’s mining general manager. ‘The thought process behind this software development was to give our partners tools to closely monitor their plant setup as a whole, allowing them to identify problems and plant bottlenecks.

‘NIAflow helps producers discover the most efficient setup for existing equipment as well as determine equipment needed to enhance productivity and increase production.’

NIAflow is available for purchase for aggregates and mining. The NIAflow Aggregates version is the extensive, full version of the NIAflow simulation software that allows unlimited machine input. NIAflow Mining complements the Aggregates full version, but offers additional equipment options, such as classifying and sorting equipment.


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