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New WX-Range screen media for Sandvik Mobiles

Sandvik WX6500 screen media

Flexible rubber screen media offers combination of durability, high accuracy and reduced downtime

SANDVIK Mobile Crushing and Screening, a division of Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions, have launched the WX range of rubber screen media for their tracked screens, scalpers and modular hanging screen units, which means customers no longer have to make the choice between the high accuracy of wire media or the durability of rubber screens.

This new and innovative range of screen media is said to come with many benefits for long-lasting wear life, consistent accurate production and easy maintenance. The rubber media is also much safer to handle and easier to install than traditional wire mesh panels, as it comes in a lightweight roll.


Tailor-made for the required specification, three different types of media – WX6000, WX6500 and WX7000 – are available within the WX range, covering a wide range of applications from fine to medium, to coarse, and more difficult applications respectively. All three flexible screening solutions have a low environmental impact and generate 50% less noise than wire mesh.

WX6500 is the general all-round media. It has the same accuracy as wire mesh at 2–32mm separations and offers all the benefits of rubber media. Essentially, it does the same job as wire mesh but lasts up to 10 times longer. As a result, it needs changing much less often, so customers experience far less screen downtime.

Moreover, the thinness and flexibility of the reinforced rubber prevents the blinding and pegging associated with wire mesh, ensuring that customers get the end product they want first time through the screen.

WX6000 and WX7000 offer similar benefits to the WX6500 in terms of durability, less blinding and pegging, and greater uptime. The key differences are the types of applications they will be used in: WX6000 is well suited to fine-to-medium-coarse screening with a larger feed size of up to 150mm; whilst WX7000 is suitable for intermediate and final-stage screening where more accuracy is required and the maximum feed lump size is up to 30mm.

One site that is already benefitting from the WX-Range is Pony’s Pass Quarry, on the Falkland Islands, which was introduced to them last year. Due to its remote location and tough operating conditions, Pony’s Pass Quarry was looking for equipment that was reliable and built to last, including the type of media fitted to their two Sandvik QA451 Doublescreen units, which are key components in their crushing and screening operation.

Quarry manager Marc Short commented: ‘Due to our location, we had to source equipment that wouldn’t need replacement parts and screen media on a frequent basis. We decided to invest in the WX-Range of screen media due to its reliability. We have WX6000 media fitted on the top deck, WX6500 on the middle and WX7000 on the bottom deck of our two QA451 triple-deck Doublescreens. We are satisfied with the product and have seen hardly any wear after a year’s operation. They fit the job perfectly.’

The Sandvik screen media offering is available in almost any size, thickness and aperture shape, with patterns tailored to customers’ needs. The WX-Range is already available as an after-market offering for applicable products within Sandvik’s wheeled offering.


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