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New wear-protection brochure from Kingfisher Industrial

Kingfisher cement manufacturing wear-protection brochure

Kingfisher Industrial are equipping companies in the cement industry with the means to optimize their businesses and achieve reduced total production costs. The company’s new industry-specific publication on wear protection shows cement manufacturers how to get more life from their plants, reduce maintenance and improve productivity. It highlights the benefits of employing wear protection to new or existing cement manufacturing plant, providing users with 10- year or even 20-year life from their installations.

The cement manufacturing brochure is the latest in a series of publications that Kingfisher have produced to highlight the benefits of wear protection across all process engineering sectors. It is the result of Kingfisher’s long and successful industry experience of providing wear protection solutions and full turnkey project to most of the major companies involved the manufacture of cement.

The publication provides an easy-to-understand graphic of a cement manufacturing plant, breaking down the process to show key equipment used and outlining how wear protection can improve its life performance.

This is complemented by a description of the value-added benefits of using wear protection, outlining how the process of coating or lining key plant and equipment, such as cyclones, separators, hoppers, pipework and chutes, with ceramic, metallic or polymer protection systems which extend plant life considerably. The benefits of providing such protection are evidenced by research by Kingfisher that shows users of their wear-protection systems benefit by a factor of five times their initial outlay, with many installations providing wear life of up to 20-years following appropriate wear treatment.

‘We have produced this brochure to educate the cement manufacturing sector in the strategic cost saving benefits of wear protection of plant and equipment,’ said John Connolly, managing director of Kingfisher Industrial.

‘Wear protection is critically under-employed in cement manufacturing, generally, and especially so in the UK, and this is costing British industry millions of pounds annually in unnecessary maintenance costs and lost production time.’

Free copies of the cement manufacturing wear-protection brochure are available from Kingfisher Industrial: tel: +44 (0) 1384 410777; email: [email protected]

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