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New TSafe tipper safety system

TSafe modular safety system

Best features of Transport Support’s best-selling safety products now combined into a single system  

TRANSPORT Support have introduced TSafe, a modular safety system that is said to combine all the best features of company’s best-selling vehicle safety products. Combining a tipper stability inclinometer with a high-voltage overhead-cable detector and body raised indicator with wireless capability and full event data recording, TSafe helps tipper vehicle and articulated dumptruck operators prevent roll-over accidents and overhead high-voltage cable strikes.

Featuring a 3.5in back-lit touch screen and a built-in spoken audio voice warning, the TSafe system is equipped with a new two-axis inclinometer that can monitor a vehicle’s angle left to right and front to back up to a maximum of 23° in 0.1° increments, to help prevent roll-overs when tipping on uneven ground.

A body-raised sensor has also been incorporated to allow separate alarm angles to be programmed for body up or down positions, and to alert the driver that the tipper body is raised.

Building on Transport Support’s experience of overhead power cable detection, the new TSafe system is also said to incorporate the company’s most advanced high-voltage detection system (HVDS) yet. Designed to prevent vehicles and machinery with a variable height from coming into contact with overhead power lines, new detection circuitry gives almost double the detection range, sensitivity and noise rejection over Transport Support’s existing HVDS unit.

The TSafe’s HVDS can be fully adjusted to suit the operating environment and gives a visual indication of detected signal strength and range. A new high-gain detection antenna further improves the system’s detection capabilities, giving full 360° high-voltage cable detection out to 25m on 11kV overhead power lines.

In addition, the TSafe system features a newly developed data-recording function that acts like a ‘black-box’ recorder. In the event of an incident, the built in SD card memory can be interrogated to display all parameters and the status of various inclinometer angles, high-voltage detection and body raised sensors against a time and date stamp. The recorded log can be viewed on screen or exported to spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel.

TSafe’s large 3.5in (90mm) touch screen is easy to read and requires very little operator input. It is also said to be very secure, with a management PIN code protecting all setting and management menus, as well as with several built in fail-safe and anti-tamper devices.

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