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New technology and training deal for AI

AI and Siemens partnership agreement

Aggregate Industries sign £3 million strategic partnership agreement with technology specialists Siemens

AGGREGATE Industries have signed a £3 million deal with Siemens that marks the start of a new technology and training partnership.

The partnership agreement, which positions Siemens as Aggregate Industries’ preferred technology supplier across the company’s 330 UK sites, will deliver efficiencies and maintenance savings, and substantially reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Siemens technology solutions, including inverter drives, gearboxes, motors and control panels, will be used to enhance operational efficiencies, help drive the company’s sustainability objectives and support improved productivity.

The deal also includes a substantial commitment to supporting the development of the engineers of tomorrow. Siemens are providing access to training and education facilities for all Aggregate Industries apprentices within the learning environment at Stephenson College in Coalville, Leicestershire, near the company’s head office, following a substantial financial investment.

The focus on training will be supported regionally with Siemens supplying safety panels that will be utilized for staff training sessions across Aggregate Industries’ regional site network.

Mike Houghton, managing director of Siemens Process Industries and Drives, commented: ‘We are delighted to have formed this important strategic agreement to partner with Aggregate Industries. It is wide ranging in that it focuses both on the automation and process control solutions Siemens will deliver, as well as the vitally important training and education support for Aggregate Industries employees and apprentices.’

Gerard Cantwell, head of procurement Europe at Aggregate Industries, added: ‘This agreement positions Siemens as our preferred UK technology supplier, ensuring that we benefit from enhanced operational efficiencies over the long term. This will deliver cost savings and improve system reliability. The technology solutions we will install will also help us reach our sustainability goals, as we seek to reduce the impact we have on the environment. 

‘This, coupled with the significant investment Siemens are making to support the training and educational development for our staff and apprentices, is a tangible sign of Siemens’ commitment to the strategic agreement we have now signed. We look forward to working even more closely in the years ahead.’

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