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New Stage IV-compliant excavators from Doosan

Doosan DX380LC-5 excavator

South Korean manufacturer launches latest DX340LC-5 and DX380LC-5 crawler excavator models

PROVIDING significantly improved performance compared with the previous LC-3 Stage IIIB models, Doosan have launched the new 36-tonne DX340LC-5 and 40-tonne DX380LC-5 Stage IV-compliant crawler excavators.

Featuring a distinctive new machine styling scheme, the new LC-5 range improves the already high standards set by the previous range, adding to enhanced comfort and controllability with new features to boost fuel efficiency, uptime and return on investment, with a focus on increased power, robustness and agility.


The operating weights of the DX340LC-5 and DX380LC-5 models have increased by 1,300kg and 1,000kg, respectively, and with the heavier tonnages, lifting capacities have increased by 1% and 5% over the front and side in the DX340LC-5, and by 3% over both the front and side in the DX380LC-5.

The new DX340LC-5 and DX380LC-5 units are powered by the five-cylinder Scania DC9 diesel engine with an output of 237kW at 1,800 rev/min, providing a 13% and 11% increase in engine power, respectively, and a 4% boost in torque over the LC-3 models. The engine meets Stage IV emission regulations without the need of a diesel particulate filter through the use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation and selective catalyst reduction after-treatment technologies.

To help meet Stage IV regulations, Doosan have added a mass-airflow sensor and exhaust brake to the engines. The mass-airflow sensor allows the electronic control unit to improve the management of airflow provided by a variable-geometry turbocharger and to optimize fuel delivery to the combustion chamber based on air intake volume and rev/min.

As well as the Scania engine, other innovative new features on the machines have been introduced to help reduce fuel consumption by as much as 6%, compared with the Doosan Stage IIIB excavator models.

Among these features are: a new trip meter setting screen that allows operators to check fuel consumption daily (or over a desired period) directly from the control panel; automatic shutdown for the engine after a pre-set time when the machine has been idling for a specified time (3–60min configurable by the operator); and ‘smart power control’ that optimizes the balance between the pumps’ output and the diesel engine.

The Doosan excavators also feature an ecopower hydraulic system that consists of a closed-centre main control valve and pressure-controlled pump. The system functions through an EPOS controller which receives joystick/pedal signals via pressure sensors, and main pump flow rate via swivel angle sensors. According to the operator’s inputs, the EPOS controller outputs the requirements to the ‘electro-proportional pressure reducing valve’ for the pumps to generate the required flow.

The DX340LC-5 and DX380LC-5 excavators are both equipped with the new CoreTMS wireless fleet-monitoring system, a feature not previously available as standard on Doosan excavators but which is now incorporated in all new LC-5-generation machines above 14 tonnes. The CoreTMS system is designed specifically for the Doosan range, providing comprehensive information about machine performance in dual mode (satellite and GSM).

To further maximize durability and reduce noise, all models are equipped with EM (enhanced macro-surface) bushings, which are said to be much more effective than regular bushings when greased. Air pre-cleaners are fitted as standard to blow much of the dust, dirt, insects, rain and snow out of the air intake, to ensure cleaner air is sent to the engine air filter. This extends air cleaner servicing intervals, increasing uptime and productivity.

Recommended for dusty environments, such as quarry and mining applications, an oil bath pre-cleaner is available as option to remove dust from the air intake, extending air cleaner servicing intervals even further.

All current options, including narrow tracks, short and long arms, shoes and hydraulic lines, are available on Doosan’s LC-5 excavator models.


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