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New online driver risk-assessment profiling tool

DriverRAPT - Risk Assessment Profiling Tool

U.K. Truckmixer Training Ltd launched new DriverRAPT online skills and knowledge system

U.K. Truckmixer Training Ltd have launched DriverRAPT, a ‘skills and knowledge’ system which adopts the tried and trusted approach of assessing and training drivers ‘in vehicle’ but places the process online. Drivers complete a four-stage risk assessment covering the core driving disciplines of: Attitude, Knowledge, Concentration and Observation, and Hazard Perception.

The driver then receives an instant risk score of high, medium or low, which allows the system to allocate e-Driver training modules based on their risk rating and the areas he or she may be lacking in. 


Mark Cowan, managing director of U.K. Truckmixer Training Ltd, said: ‘As companies are slowly phasing their workforce back after the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s now a greater need to assess employees who drive for work.

‘Roads will become even more of a ‘risk area’ as drivers get used to driving vehicles on busy roads again. The Government is actively encouraging walking and cycling, meaning there’s a greater emphasis on driver awareness around all road users.’

Mr Cowan continued: ‘Having spent the last six months researching driver profiling tools, we wanted to offer a system that not only catered for HGVs, but also for every vehicle type and anyone who drives as part of their work.

‘The added bonus of the DriverRAPT system is the addition of the 20-plus e-Driver training modules that go hand in hand with the profiling and are automatically assigned depending on the risk rating.’

He added: ‘The system also has the ability to arrange an in-vehicle assessment for those who have been identified as ‘high risk’ using a company’s own driver trainers or any nominated company they use for driving assessments. 

‘We also offer our customers access to their own dedicated dashboard, allowing them to track and monitor employee risk ratings and training.

‘One of the most popular benefits of the DriverRAPT system is that we can create co-branded, bespoke modules, for example a module based on a company’s driver handbook or policies and procedures. We also have specific modules for mixers and tippers, with more being added on a regular basis,’ said Mr Cowan. 

‘Our greatest challenge was to offer a system that ticked all the boxes whilst being cost-effective, and with packages available from only 50p per week, we’ve created a system which offers safety and value to any business.’

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