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New integration module from Brigade Electronics

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Brigade Electronics to launch next-generation integration module at Plantworx 2019

BRIGADE Electronics will use this year’s Plantworx show to launch a new system that integrates with existing products to provide safety data in one place, reducing driver overload and improving safety.

Working in conjunction with a Backeye camera monitor system and up to two Backsense Network Radar detection systems, the new on-screen display module warns the driver of obstacles in the danger zone by overlaying five-stage audible and visual radar data on to the camera image on the monitor.


The integration of Brigade’s Backsense radar detection and Backeye camera monitor systems works to reduce driver stress and distractions by providing all information in one place and preventing collisions with objects and site workers.

Brigade’s radar sensors inform the driver of the distance between vehicle and obstacles, whether moving or stationary. The frequency-modulated Backsense emits continuous wave radar which is said to be faster than competitor pulsed radar products.

The sensor system controls the radar beam pattern, so the spread of the beam can be restricted to the width of the plant for the length of the detection area, to minimize false alerts on a busy site.

Moreover, the unit is fixed to an adjustable mounting bracket, meaning the radar can be directed at different angles to optimize detection performance and to help prevent ground detections when approaching ramps.

However, due to the number of complex blind spots on a vehicle, a single radar cannot always provide the detection needed and numerous in-cab displays for multiple radars can be more of a distraction than a benefit.

Brigade’s solution is the new Backsense Network Radar, which allows operators to connect and link up to eight radars to cover all blind spots around the machine, offering full detection coverage in the vehicle operating area, improving driver manoeuvrability, reducing the risk of collision and decreasing driver overload.

The system provides object detection in CAN (Controller Area Network) message format, which can be processed to display data on control panels or displays on the vehicle or used to control aspects of the machine. Using specific CANbus messages, each radar sensor sends a multitude of information about objects located within a detection range of up to 30m (length) and 10m (width) from the radar.

When combined with other information available from the vehicle, such as speed, inclination or any other key operating controls, the Backsense Network Radar allows OEMs and body builders to create dynamic safety systems capable of alerting and preventing collisions.


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