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New Holland wheel loaders shown at Hillhead Show

The two New Holland wheel loader models on display at the Hillhead 2010 show, the W190B and W270B, share the productivity, fuel efficiency and stability that make them particularly well suited for demolition and waste-handling applications.

The 230hp (169kW) W190B is a medium-size wheel loader with a top-of-the-range performance. It runs a common rail engine designed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies to provide high engine efficiency, high torque at low rev/min, low fuel consumption and low emissions. The engine’s multiple work mode functionality allows the operator to select one of four pre-set power modes according to the job at hand, maximizing engine efficiency and productivity.

The exclusive Advanced Cooling System, with radiators mounted on a cube-shaped cooling module positioned at the centre of the machine, optimizes the use of space and cooling performance. The compact and centrally mounted cooling module, together with a repositioning of the engine and its components, has moved the machine’s centre of gravity towards the rear, providing a better counterbalancing effect when loading. The W190B’s stability, combined with all-round visibility, results in shorter cycle times and higher productivity, and makes it suitable for working in the difficult conditions found at landfill sites or recycling facilities.   


The W190B in waste-handling configuration on display at the recent Hillhead exhibition features extra protection to ensure maximum safety and productivity in the hostile environments typical of waste management facilities:

  • cab guards and lights protection
  • effective cab air filtering ensured by a pressurization system and active carbon filter;
  • improved engine air filtering and radiator cleaning
  • steel plate protections to front and rear belly pans and to front cylinder hoses.

High-capacity buckets up to 3m³ and wear-resistant tyres are available to meet the specific requirements of waste-handling operations. High tipping buckets and a long boom attachment allow users to deal with the exceptional dump heights required in this industry.

The W270B wheel loader, at the top of the range with 325hp (239kW), is designed for productivity and stability. The axles with integrated multi-disk brakes and self-locking differential provide traction on slippery and uneven ground conditions. Combined with the machine’s breakout force, this results in high productivity levels in demolition and waste handling applications.

The load-sensing, flow-sharing, pressure-compensated hydraulic system optimizes the use of engine power. It allows simultaneous movement under different load and engine speed conditions, and gives the operator improved controllability.

The PowerShift transmission offers the choice of manual or automatic gear selection, where the on-board computer automatically selects the right gear for the job at hand. The pushing power and modulation during gear shifting or inversion result in outstanding digging and loading performance.

The long wheelbase, wide gauge and intelligent weight distribution ensure high stability in the toughest conditions, which is particularly important when working in jobsites such as landfill sites or demolition waste disposal operations.


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