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New Holland Construction introduce mid-size short radius excavators

New Holland to introduce the first Tier 4 Final-compliant mid-size crawler excavators in the industry at Bauma 2013

New Holland will introduce the first Tier 4 Final-compliant mid-size crawler excavators in the industry at the forthcoming Bauma exhibition. The company say that the E75C SR and E85C MSR raise the bar on the performance and fuel economy their midi excavators are known for.

The E75C SR and E85C MSR models are powered by a direct-injection turbo-charged engine that delivers powerful performance. Both models meet Tier 4 Final emissions standards with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) technology combined with a simple diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) after-treatment system. This solution is so efficient that it does not require an active regeneration of the particulate matter filter, so that all the fuel goes to power the machine. 


New Holland have based their Tier 4 final solution on CEGR technology for light-duty engines below 75kW, where the compact dimensions of the machines create a space constraint. As emissions standards become increasingly stringent, New Holland have developed products that minimize emissions, noise levels and fuel consumption.

The E75C SR and E85C MSR are designed for fuel efficiency, with features such as the standard auto-idle function that ensures no fuel is wasted by automatically reducing engine speed when the control levers are in neutral.

The two models feature a new version of the intelligent total control system (ITCS) that controls all the machines’ functions. The system relies on pressure sensors and a pump-solenoid valve to ensure a quick response to sudden changes in hydraulic load while minimizing wasted output. The result is fuel savings of up to 31.4% with variable power control, optimized engine speed and pump torque in all operating conditions.

Both models feature, as standard, three working modes: H-mode delivers maximum performance in heavy-duty applications; S-mode ensures low fuel consumption in normal operations; and the new ECO-mode, designed to maximize fuel savings without compromising on performance. 

All these features work together to achieve a dramatic reduction in fuel consumption: in ECO mode the E75C SR and E85C MSR can save up to 31.4% fuel compared to the E70B SR and E80B MSR models they replace.

Controllability in the E75C SR and E85C MSR has been improved, especially where simultaneous movements are required. The new hydraulic system relies on three pumps co-ordinated by an electro-hydraulic actuator. Separate pumps for travel and dozer operation mean that there is no hydraulic interference. The new hydraulic system also delivers a best-in-class swing speed of 11.5 rev/min and drawbar pull force of 76.8kN.

New Holland’s exclusive integrated noise and dust reduction (iNDr) system addresses the two key issues for all cooling systems: noise and dust. The answer is effective air-flow management: incoming air is driven through a filter, so that only clean air enters the engine. It is then extracted from the engine through a duct, bypassing holes and joints, therefore dramatically reducing noise, and exits through specially designed openings. This patented system has multiple advantages: ultra quiet operation at just 69dB(A), similar to the noise levels inside a luxury car; easy maintenance, as it is sufficient to clean the filter to keep the entire cooling system running perfectly; and no risk of clogging the cooling system.

The E75C SR and E85C MSR both feature the EVO cab, which provides the superior comfort often found on larger equipment, with wide access, a spacious interior and ample legroom. The full-size glass window on the right provides unimpeded visibility. In addition, both models include as standard many features from the heavy line, such as the automatic air conditioning, easy-to-read digital cluster, two-speaker FM/AM radio, reclining and sliding seat, and wide arm rests.  

The EVO cab is compliant with ROPS and FOPS Level II standards, which means maximum safety for the operator in virtually all situations. For extreme applications, operator and machine safety can be further increased with the optional front guard and lower frame protections.

There is easy access to all the main service components, while a self-diagnostic function provides early warning of any electrical system malfunctions and alerts when maintenance is due. Operating costs are reduced by the long service intervals of 5,000h for hydraulic oil and 1,000h for oil filters, while the double-element air filter has twice the service life of previous air cleaners. The iNDr system is designed for reliability, as its filter blocks dust from entering the engine and is easy to check and clean.


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