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New Hitachi ZX300LC-6 excavator for NBG

Hitachi ZX300LC-6 excavator

Romanian aggregates supplier demands maximum durability for river dredging operation

A HITACHI ZX300LC-6 medium-size excavator is helping a Romanian supplier of high-quality aggregates to dredge materials for use in concrete production from the river Argeş, 30km west of the capital, Bucharest.

The Zaxis-6 machine was delivered in October 2018 by Hitachi’s authorized local dealer, Utirom Invest Srl, and joins another Hitachi excavator (a ZX250LC-3) at the busy 150ha site.

Founded in 1991, NBG Srl – a member of the NBG Group – initially worked in the construction industry, but have since expanded into roadworks, utilities and now aggregates.

The new Hitachi ZX300LC-6 has been quickly put to work near the town of Bolintin-Vale, where NBG are extracting aggregates that will eventually be used in the construction industry by local businesses and concrete plants near Bucharest.

On site, the excavator dredges and stockpiles material from the riverbed, before loading third-party trucks that take away the aggregates.

‘We selected the ZX300LC-6 because we needed a strong machine with a high ground clearance,’ said NBG’s machinery manager, Razvan Vişan. ‘It also had to be capable of increasing productivity.

‘I have worked with other brands in the past but have found that the Hitachi machines are easy to maintain, offer low fuel consumption and are exceptionally durable.’

Mr Vişan is also happy with the service from Utirom: ‘I was convinced to invest in the ZX300LC-6 due to the strong relationship we have with Utirom.

‘Using ConSite (a data report service that sends Hitachi users a monthly email summarizing the performance of their machinery) also helps me to monitor fuel consumption, which is an essential aspect in our industry.

‘In terms of maintenance, I always insist on using Hitachi Genuine Parts, because of their cost-effectiveness and durability,’ he added.

For operator Marin Florinel, the advantages of working with the ZX300LC-6 are readily apparent: ‘The excavator is ideal for the type of work we are doing, and more than capable of handling the materials.

‘Without question, it is a luxury machine in terms of the comfort levels inside the cab, for example, the air-conditioning system and heated seat, as well as being easy to operate and manoeuvre.’

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