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New ‘high power’ gearboxes

Brevini’s High Power series combines the epicyclic gear design of the company’s recently introduced S-series planetary gearboxes with the modular advantages provided by PIV’s Posired 2 family of helical and bevel-helical gearboxes.

By combining the best features of both technologies, the new gearboxes are said to provide a more economical solution while overcoming the problems commonly experienced when using traditional bevel-helical gearboxes with high reduction ratios.

The design eliminates the need for additional cooling in almost all cases, reducing costs and increasing reliability. The unit is also more compact and cost-effective compared to a bevel-helical solution used on its own.

The High Power series will initially incorporate five standard sizes including a range of transmission ratios from 100 to 670, nominal torque ratings of 37,000Nm to 370,000Nm, and nominal power ranging from 160kW to 950kW.


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