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New high-performance spray to combat corrosion

Plasmet ZF

Corrocoat launch specially formulated, aerosol-delivered coating system to combat small areas of corrosion

CORROCOAT, the Leeds-based specialists in anti-corrosion coatings, have launched an aerosol-delivered, high-performance surface-tolerant coating system.

Supplied in a convenient, easy-to-use single-pack 400ml aerosol, application is as simple as breaking the internal seal, shaking the contents and spraying. There is no need for scales, mixing containers, mixers, cleaning solvents, brushes or spray equipment.

Based on Corrocoat’s proven Plasmet ZF materials and specially formulated for this application, the aerosol contains a high-performance glass flake and MIO-filled two-pack epoxy with both passivating and rust-conversion properties.

With a useable life of many hours and free, easy-to-change additional nozzles supplied with each kit, the Plasmet ZF aerosol deliver a tough, durable coating, well suited to small areas of coating damage, rust spotting, corrosion etc, making substrate protection and coating maintenance/repairs easy.

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