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New high-flow dewatering solution from DXB

S600/25 pump

DXB Pump & Power launch upgraded Stage 3b 200mm pumpset for quarries and mines

DXB Pump & Power have expanded their range of high-performance pumps with the launch of the latest 8in high-flow pumpset – the s600/25 – for dewatering applications in quarries and mines.

Designed around the JCB 444 TCA Stage 3b engine, which can generate 60kW at 1,500 rev/min, DXB have designed the pump to be capable of flows in excess of 800 cubic metres per hour and pressures close to five bar, whilst still managing to pass an 85mm solid. This makes the s600/25 particularly suitable for use in quarries operating near rivers and low-level flood plains prone to seasonal floods, such as sites on the rivers Trent and Severn.


‘Our s600/25 pumpset utilizes a compact four-cylinder engine designed by JCB for use in their own equipment, so it’s lightweight and really fuel efficient, but powerful,’ said Simon Ruffles, managing director of DXB Pump & Power.

‘We designed our 8in pump on to this engine and when we ran it at a super-quiet 1,500 rev/min we found we were doing 25% more pressure than our closest competitor equipped with a similar engine but running at a thirsty 1,800 rev/min, whilst our other competitor had to jump to a six-cylinder engine running at 1,800 rev/min to get anywhere near close in terms of pressure or flow.’

According to Mr Ruffles, the secret behind the s600/25’s significant improvement in performance is a new pump end that has a hydraulic efficiency of more than 80%. ‘This makes it possible to have this type of performance from a four-cylinder, highly economic engine running at only 1,500 rev/min, thereby minimizing fuel burn and carbon dioxide output from the pumpset,’ he explained.

The new pump model also utilizes the patented Cornell Cycloseal run-dry sealing system and fast 50cfm priming equipment, which allow for extended run times and improved utilization whilst minimizing fuel burn during priming cycles.

With four access doors, fork-lift pockets and single-point lifting, the ability to place the s600/25 pumpset in position using typical loading shovel accessories, such as a fork-lift attachment, negates the need for cranes and contract lifts. The pumpset is also available as a fast-tow portable unit, to further maximize utilization of the asset.

All DXB pumpsets, including the new s600/25 model, are available in both Tier 3b and Tier 4i engine designs, and DXB have the ability to supply non-Tier 4i engines until December 2019 under their new flex allowance programme.


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