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New heavy-duty crawler excavators deliver powerful performance

New Holland continue renewal of their crawler excavator range

New Holland continue the renewal of their crawler excavator range with the introduction of two new models - the E385C and E485C.

The 35-ton E385C and 48-ton E485C crawler excavators deliver the powerful performance required for large excavator applications. They feature 286hp and 363hp engines respectively and meet the strict Tier 4 interim emissions standards with Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) technology. The CEGR system is fully integrated into the design of the two new models, so that visibility is maintained, allowing the operator to work with confidence and maximize productivity.

The Hydrotonic, which combines highly advanced electronic technology with a sophisticated hydraulic system, has been designed to maximize the machines’ performance according to the job being carried out. It carries over, with further improvements, the benefits of the B Series hydraulic system:

  • the integrated swing priority, which ensures seamless transition of additional pump power to the swing function when needed, resulting in faster cycles
  • the automatic hydraulic regeneration, which feeds the cylinder that needs oil, starting by pushing oil from another cylinder, which is faster and requires considerably less energy than re-pumping oil
  • the pump summation, which engages automatically both pumps when necessary – for example for heavy digging.

All these features, together with the new joysticks, give the operator an exceptionally smooth operation and outstanding control, and allow for faster cycles.

The powerful performance and heavy-duty undercarriage, boom and arm make the E385C and E485C suitable for the most demanding applications.

The high efficiency of the intelligent hydraulics, which ensure 100 percent pump utilization in all applications, and the hydraulic design that minimizes friction losses and pressure drops, result in improved fuel economy.

The upgraded New Holland Advanced Electronic Processor (AEP), with the introduction of a new ECO working mode, optimizes fuel consumption while maintaining top performance.

The control monitor puts the operator in full control of the efficiency of the machine’s performance, with the fuel economy meter showing the hourly consumption and the ECO icon indicating when the machine is operating most efficiently.

The EVO cab provides all-round visibility with a full-size right window and standard rear-view camera. In addition, the operator is able to see the rear of the machine while monitoring the excavator’s data on the multi-functional monitor. The dampers and enhanced soundproofing result in remarkably low noise and vibration levels, adding to the operator’s comfort and reducing fatigue. The ROPS- and FOPS-compliant cab provides the operator with a comfortable workstation to work with confidence and efficiently.

Maintenance of new models is very easy and fast, with all main service points accessible at ground level. In addition, the E485C features a centralized automatic lubrication system, which further enhances its reliability and durability.


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