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New generation of RDT tyres from Michelin

Michelin XTRA LOAD Protect

First-ever ‘three-star’ 24.00R35 rigid dumptruck tyres on the market offer increased load capacity

MICHELIN say the increased payload potential of their new rigid dumptruck (RDT) tyre range is reflected in the product name – Michelin XTRA LOAD.

Launched last month and designed for use on 40–80-tonne payload RDTs, the XTRA LOAD is said to be the first-ever ‘three-star’ 24.00R35 tyre range on the market.

Whereas previously most 24.00R35 tyres carried a ‘two-star’ rating, Michelin say the new XTRA LOAD range offers an increase of 9 tonnes in load capacity per machine and can deliver a significant increase in productivity when multiplied by the number of cycles made daily.

The XTRA LOAD tyre is available in two variants, targeted at the two main surfaces experienced by rigid dumptrucks:

  • Michelin XTRA LOAD Grip – for use in soft, loose, muddy ground conditions, as often experienced in mining and quarrying operations on slopes/inclines, where the priority is high grip and traction
  • Michelin XTRA LOAD Protect – for use in hard, sharp abrasive conditions on flat, dry surfaces where the priority is protection and damage resistance, such as quarries and construction sites.

Both variants are said to benefit from greater wear life and increased productivity thanks to an 8% improvement in wear resistance and an improved TKPH (tonnes km/h), compared with their predecessors.

For the new XTRA LOAD Grip and XTRA LOAD Protect, the TKPH is increased by at least 20.3% and 13.8%, respectively, in the A4 compound, and by at least 11.7% and 41.7% in the B compound, compared with previous Michelin ranges.

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