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New Eco-Grip Tig Torch from Parweld

Parweld's Eco-Grip Tig Torch

Welding torch manufacturer improves on standard torch design with new ergonomic handle

PARWELD, one of the UK’s leading welding torch manufacturer and wholesalers, have introduced the new Eco-Grip Tig Torch – the latest design to replace the conventional WLD torch.

A new ergonomic handle now replaces the old barrel style, offering the operator an improved grip while reducing the risk of RSI. A new finger location has also been added to the base of the handle, offering greater comfort at the bottom of the torch as well as the top.

An integrated ball joint, which is usually only available on Pro-Grip torches, has been added to the design to improve flexibility and manoeuvrability. This feature also offers the added benefits of protecting the cables from sharp bends, thereby extending the life of the cables and hoses.

Parweld say the new Eco-Grip Tig Torch torch continues to be 100% compatible with industry-standard consumables.

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