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New developments in Doosan ADT range

Doosan DA30-5 dumptruck

Company reveals wide array of new standard and optional features for its articulated dumptruck range

DOOSAN Bobcat EMEA has announced a wide array of new standard and optional features for the company’s articulated dumptruck (ADT) range.

The first of the new standard features is an angle limitation system to prevent the truck body from tipping over while being loaded. This function is incorporated as standard on all ADTs manufactured after 1 January 2017 and is also available as a software update for all dash-5 machines produced before that date.

With the new angle limitation function, a tip limit point can be set to meet the requirements of the machine owner, allowing the body to tip in accordance with the slope of the ground, as set by the system.

Based on a study of the customer’s application, Doosan can provide recommended limits for the company’s trucks, but it is up to the owner to decide which limit they want to use. If the slope is greater than the limit, the system ensures the body does not move, thereby delivering increased stability, safety and efficiency. 

Another new standard feature of the ADT range is the engine auto-shutdown function. ADTs can spend between 30% and 60% of their time standing still with the engine idling while they are waiting to be loaded. In some situations, the waiting time can exceed 60%, with consequent losses in terms of fuel, warranty and service costs.


In order to reduce these costs, Doosan have introduced the auto-shutdown function, which can be switched on and off by the operator via the display. Using the system, the operator can set a time after which the engine will automatically shut down if the computer does not detect any machine activity. This function is incorporated in all new Doosan ADTs and is available as a software update for machines produced before 1 January 2017.

Ensuring that transmission oil is maintained at the correct level is crucial for extending the lifetime of a machine and ensuring its proper functioning. All new Doosan ADTs are now equipped with an electronic transmission oil level sensor (instead of a dipstick), making oil level checks much simpler and more reliable.

Bluetooth radios similar to those available in the automotive industry are now a standard feature of all Doosan ADTs, bringing with them an improvement in safety. And for an extra cost, buyers of Doosan ADTs can also choose radios with the DAB+ function.

The geofence system also offers a new level of protection by ensuring the machine cannot leave a prescribed area. This is part of the machine software and can be set up using a Doosan ADT diagnostic tool. It is possible to adjust the geofence boundaries and set a speed limitation level (from 1km/h to 50km/h) that is activated 15 seconds after the machine crosses the boundaries of the area preset in the geofence system. This is available from the factory on new Doosan Stage IV-compliant DA30-5 and DA40-5 ADTs.

For easier transportation, Doosan have developed a new roof beacon design with a quick-release latch to allow the operator to prepare the machine for transport in just a few seconds without the use of any additional tools.

New options

The new options for the Doosan ADT range include electrically adjustable heated mirrors. Available as an option on DA-series Doosan ADTs sold in Europe, the previous heated mirrors have now been replaced by the new, optional, electrically adjustable heated mirrors, which allow the operator to adjust the position of the mirrors directly from the cab.

Also, Doosan customers can now order new Sears high-performance heated seats, which can be supplied with a choice of three different kinds of seat belt featuring a two-, three- or four-point design.

Whilst the rear position and direction lights on Doosan ADTs are now LED equipped as standard, the work lights, main lights and roof light bar are also available in optional LED versions. As well as improving visibility, the LED systems have longer lifetimes. Safety can also be increased by the installation of additional handrails for service and maintenance work on both the DA30-5 and DA40-5 ADTs.

A new protection system for the rear lights helps to avoid damage to the lights when reversing and is particularly useful in arduous applications. There is also the option of a blue or orange flashing rear light that is activated when in reverse gear and works simultaneously with the reverse lights. This is designed as an additional warning device, especially when working in the dark or at very noisy work sites where normal reverse signals may be not heard. This feature is a mandatory requirement on some sites and very popular in the UK.

An optional white noise reverse alarm can also be installed as a replacement for the standard reverse alarm. The characteristic sound of this alarm is easier on the ears and offers increased safety on noisy job sites. In addition, to confirm that the driver is using their seat belt properly, an optional green seat belt warning light can be placed on the cab roof.

An optional electrical refuelling pump may prove useful on some job sites, along with an air inlet pre-cleaner that complements the standard high-performance three-step cyclonic air filter in Doosan ADTs, particularly in very dusty areas. As a final option, the availability of a new pre-assembly painting system allows Doosan customers to customize their ADTs and specify particular colours.


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