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New design for air-operated piston vibrators

Invicta Vibrators’ range of air-operated piston vibrators has been redesigned for easier fitting and maintenance and now incorporates completely new castings and O-ring seals in the base and lid.

"The piston vibrators have only one moving part, the piston, which develops a linear reciprocating force. The vibrators are manufactured from high-quality cast iron, although some models are available in stainless steel. To ensure long life, the pistons are nitride hardened."

"Three types of piston are available. Type BACR is continuous running with both forward and backward strokes being air cushioned for quiet operation. Type BCIR is a continuous-running impacting device in which the piston is air cushioned on the back stroke. On the forward stroke the piston strikes a mounting plate and delivers a high-energy impact suitable for promoting the flow of material in hoppers. Type BSIR is a single-impacting model normally controlled by a solenoid valve and an Invicta timer. Depending on size, it can be programmed to deliver up to 100 blows/min with the piston held in the retracted position between impacts."




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