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New demolition attachments from VTN Europe

Demolition attachment

Latest CK Combi units designed to offer enhanced performance, safety and durability  

THE new CK Combi kit from VTN Europe is now available from suppliers ECY Haulmark. The CK body is manufactured entirely from Hardox with the main frame boasting 360° rotation, a low excavator adaptor plate, an internal rotation solution and a reverse position cylinder. 

Available in two models, the demolition attachment offers the same strength and durability of the VTN FP dedicated concrete pulverizer but with the versatility of immediate jaw changes. According to ECY Haulmark, the CK Combi kit has the ability to interchange five different jaw set options in under 5min; providing versatility to numerous demolition applications. 

The quick jaw change system works using a two-pin rotation with a specially designed set of keys. The jaw sets complementing the CK Combi system include: demolition ‘D jaws’; crusher ‘P jaws’; steel ‘S jaws’; demolition/steel ‘R jaws’; and combi ‘CH jaws.’ 

The specification on the CK multipurpose unit fulfils the high standards set by VTN Europe and, thanks to its key features take a new approach to operating demolition attachments. The CK21 attachment (1,224kg) is suitable for 18- to 27-tonne machines, while the CK28 unit (1,555kg) is suited to 26- to 35-tonne machines. 

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