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New Cat C-Series ADTs

Cat 725C articulated dumptruck

Caterpillar introduce three redesigned C-Series articulated dumptrucks featuring more powerful engines

CATERPILLAR have introduced three new C-Series articulated dumptrucks – the 725C, 730C, and 730C EJ ejector – featuring new engines with more power, advanced transmission control, enhanced operator amenities, new serviceability features, and for the 730C and 730C EJ models, automatic traction control. The 725C (pictured) has a rated payload capacity of 23.6 tonnes, and the 730C and 730C EJ models are rated at 28 tonnes.

The 725C’s Cat C9.3 ACERT engine is rated at 314hp (234kW), whilst the Cat C13 ACERT in the larger models has 367hp (274kW). All three models are available in US EPA Tier 2/EU Stage II equivalent, Tier 3/Stage IIIA equivalent, or Tier 4-Final/Stage IV configurations to meet worldwide emissions standards. A diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic-reduction (SCR) system provide exhaust after-treatment for Tier 4-Final/Stage IV models.


Compared with predecessor models, the 725C offers a 4% gain in gross power and a 20% boost in gross torque, while the 730C and 730C EJ models offer nearly 16% more gross power and more than a 30% improvement in gross torque.

The Cat 6F/1R powershift transmission, which electronically modulates clutch-engagement pressures for smooth, positive shifts, now also incorporates Caterpillar’s Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS). This system improves acceleration, maintains torque-converter lock-up (and ground speed) during critical shifts, increases rimpull, provides automatic speed-holding, modifies shift points to match operating conditions (for increased fuel economy), and automatically reduces retarding forces on lesser grades in lower gears.

For controlling speed on downhill grades, 730C models employ a new engine-compression brake that provides 60% more retarding power than predecessor models. The 725C uses a fluid retarder with four operating modes. Both systems effectively manage speed and minimize service-brake application for extended brake life.

All three new C-Series models feature constant six-wheel drive and are equipped with wet-disc-clutch locks in the axle differentials and the inter-axle differential. On-the-go application of the locks, which assists traction in adverse conditions, is at the 725C operator’s discretion via in-cab controls, while the new automatic traction control system in the 730C models applies the locks automatically, and proportionally, as ground conditions dictate.

The new C-Series models feature a rugged front frame which incorporates robust box-section longitudinal beams, while the rear frame uses a new design four-plate box construction to reduce stress points. The hitch retains the field-proven two-piece construction, using a durable cast-steel head bolted to a hard-wearing forged steel tube, ensuring tight, trouble-free connection between the frames.

Three-point, oil/nitrogen front suspension and walking-beam rear suspension effectively absorb haul-road impact to allow safe, high-speed travel, whilst the newly designed dump body, made from high-strength Brinell HB450 wear-resistant steel, features a diverging-flow design that promotes clean dumping and minimizes material carry back.

The C-Series’ spacious two-person ROPS/ FOPS cab with a newly designed, multi-adjustable air-suspension seat for the operator and a full-size, forward-facing seat for the passenger, features a tilt/telescopic steering wheel and a convenient wrap-around dash with colour multi-purpose display, including a rear-view camera display.

A new electric hood, raised and lowered via a switch in the cab, provides ample access to routine service points, and the rear-of-cab mounting of the radiator allows easy access for cleaning. The cab itself tilts for access to the transmission, drive shafts and hydraulic components, and an electrical service centre in the cab provides a power port, diagnostic connector and Cat Data Link connector.


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