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New asphalt screen for Glebe Hill Quarry

Asphalt screen

North Dean Engineering replace existing Niagara unit with reconfigured vibrating screen

FOR more than 200 years, the Collen family have been involved in the construction industry. One of the family’s main business interests is Glebe Hill Quarry in Tandragee, Co. Armagh, which produces 250,000 tonnes of high-PSV gritstone per annum, of which some 40,000 tonnes passes through the site’s own asphalt plant.

Recently, after experiencing short bearing life and cracking of the side plates on the plant’s existing Niagara asphalt screen, Collen Bros (Quarries) Ltd approached North Dean Engineering Ltd, independent suppliers of replacement screens, in search of a solution.

Following a site visit and detailed site survey, North Dean tendered for and won the contract to supply a new 3.4m x 1.5m three full-deck and two half-deck vibrating screen to replace the Niagara unit.

North Dean based their new design on the original footprint of the old screen, which meant that no modifications to the material inlets or existing bin configuration were required. The only change required was to the front chute; this was due to the screen’s new deck configuration, which allows for easier media changes.

The new vibrating screen was supplied with a new high-temperature oil-bath shaft assembly, which allows the machine to cope with the high temperatures encountered in the production of asphalt. Upon completion of testing at North Dean’s works, the screen was dispatched to Glebe Hill Quarry for installation by North Dean’s own skilled installation team.

Andrew Collen of Collen Bros (Quarries) Ltd commented: ‘North Dean undertook the total redesign of our screen, especially the deck configurations to allow for an easier change of media, to fit the footprint of our existing screen. They supplied us with a quality product that was installed in just one weekend to reduce downtime on the plant. The successful installation meant the plant was back up and running on Monday morning.’

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