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National fleets opt for Edbro CX range

Edbro CX14 hydraulic cylinders

Leading UK aggregate companies specify weight-saving CX14 hydraulic cylinders on their tipper fleets

WITH fuel prices soaring and emissions-based taxes increasing, it is becoming more and more important that fleet operators maximize on any opportunity to improve efficiency and increase payload in the their vehicles.

This is why Aggregate Industries, CEMEX, and Lafarge and Tarmac all specified Edbro’s lightweight CX range of hydraulic cylinders on every rigid tipping vehicle they ordered and added to their fleets in 2012.


One similarity between a small independent operator and a national fleet operator is that when specifying a new vehicle, the primary concern is payload. By reducing the overall weight of a vehicle by just a few kilograms it is possible to increase the profitability of every journey that it takes.

Danny Broomfield, UK business development manager for Edbro, commented: ‘The CX series has always been well known in the industry for offering increased payloads to rigid tipping vehicles by combining the ram and the tank units.

‘However, the unanimous approval of some of the biggest fleets in the UK is probably down to the introduction of the new CX14. This offers a potential weight saving of 230kg over the direct competition, which makes the specification decision a lot easier.’

The CX14 is said to be the lightest 8x4 gear available on the market at just 449kg – including oil. It boasts a saving of up to 258kg against comparable cylinders, which is estimated to allow for an additional £8,000 of payload over the chassis lifetime.

Moreover, prior to reaching the market in May 2012, the CX14 cylinder had been subjected to arduous test conditions – both in the factory and in real-world applications – since September 2007, thereby ensuring Edbro’s ‘fit and forget’ promise of reliability.


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